Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Wordy Wine Bottles

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Here is another fun craft to do with empty wine bottles. If I keep finding crafty things to do with wine bottles, I'm going to have to start drinking more wine! Darn it. =] You will need:

Wine bottle(s) or really any bottle of any size
Glue gun & sticks
Spray paint of your color choice

First, soak your wine bottles in hot soapy water to clean them and remove the labels. Now comes the fun part! Using your glue gun write a word or draw a design on your bottle. I chose to do "Give" on one and "Thanks" on the other in honor of Thanksgiving. I'm going to do another one to go with them and draw leaves on it.

Try to clean up any stray "strings" of glue because they will show up when you spray paint the bottle. I learned this the hard way. 

Also, if you're easily distracted (like me) I would suggest not attempting to carry on a conversation with your husband while doing this. Otherwise you may forget the K in Thanks

If you mess up, don't fear! Just let the glue cool and then peel off the mistake. Now you're ready for spray paint! Don't forget, always spray paint outside. =] Simply spray the bottle in short strokes, keeping the spray paint at least 8" from the bottle. You don't want to get the paint on too thick or it will run. 

Allow the bottle to dry and if needed, apply a second coat of paint. Let it dry completely and you're done! Now you have cute vases with your own words or designs on them. That was easy. And cheap!

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