Saturday, November 5, 2011

Powdered Hot Chocolate Mix #2

Okay, so now you have all of this hot chocolate mix, what are you supposed to do with it? Well, package it up in cute jars and send it to your friends or family, of course!

I just used some scraps of material I had laying around to show you the idea and some leftover Christmas ribbon. Anyone who has spent time at my house is likely to recognize my couch pillows material. Anyone who has attempted to rob me would recognize the material my purse was made from. =] If you are doing these for gifts at the holidays, cute material to match said holiday would be the answer. I printed some quick little labels on our printer (which only has black ink left!) and used my homemade mod podge to put them on. 

The directions to this are obviously simple. Fill a cute container up with hot chocolate mix. The fun part is adding flavors to make it more personalized. My favorite is crushed up peppermint candies.

Simply add a layer of candies around the middle of the jar and fill it the rest of the way up. Another great flavor can come from instant coffee type drinks, such as an instant mocha. Powdered coffee creamers add an extra kick too, my favorite is chocolate toffee.

After that, you simply need to 'decorate' the jar. I cut a piece of material that was slightly larger than the lid. Then I tied it onto the jar using a piece of ribbon. 

I made labels stating the type of flavored hot chocolate that each one was, including a cute little graphic. 

I then wrapped a second ribbon around the top to tie on the directions and a paper with a cute saying

That easily you have cute little gifts for everyone. You can get as creative as you want, or keep them simple like these. Tomorrow I shall be working on their coordinating stir sticks...yummy!

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