Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Ornaments Beach Style

Hello!! Things have been usual here, which means running in different directions at once. Lately I've been spending what little free time I have trying to get things made to put in my brand new Etsy shop. Ooohhh! I love crochet and crafting so I figured that I would try to make a couple of dollars off my hobbies. So fingers crossed that I'll get something going! If anyone hasn't checked it out, please take a moment to and let me know if you like anything:

On to other things. Of course I'm still cooking up a storm but I've really been doing a lot of crafts lately. Finally having an area just for my "stuff" is fabulous and I've been filling it to over flowing. Earlier this week I decided to make some ornaments to send north to my family for their trees. You know, so they can think of my smiling face each time they see them. Last year I went crazy making ornaments with paints swirled inside and I had some clear glass ornaments left. So I decided to send a little Florida north to warm them up. And maybe rub it in just a tiny bit. =]

For those of you that don't know, last year we moved at the start of December from Virginia to Florida. We lived in a motel and got our house a couple of days before Christmas. So we didn't get to do a lot of the "normal" holiday stuff (we didn't even have our household items for the holiday). So I might go just a little <lot> crazy this year! =]

  These are super easy. All you need is:

Clear ornaments (glass or acrylic. I've found them at Michaels and Target)
Small shells, beach glass, or whatever other fillers you would like

I had a bunch of little shells that I have picked up around here, some probably fake beach glass, and bags of sand. I picked up the colored shells at Michaels because I thought they were cool. You can buy little shells and sand at most craft stores for pretty cheap. I used thin ribbon in my favorite "beach" colors that sells for 50 cents a spool at the previously mentioned craft store. I practically live there because it is the only one near my house!

I took a big spoon and a funnel and use that to put some sand in my ornaments. The first one I tried to make I used a lot more sand and the shells just got lost in it. So I would suggest not putting too much in there. Then I just dropped in the things I wanted...easy! I tied the ribbon under the top for the ornament. I have to say that the ornaments I had left over from last year weren't my favorites. The tops are a thin metal and seem really cheap (I did only pay $6 for a 9!). I've seen others that have a nicer top and look much better in my opinion. 

Of course I couldn't stop there. I decided to make three ornaments using the ribbon. These are great for anyone because you can use whatever colors that you want. I wanted mine to match these so I used the same colors as on them.

  All you have to do is cut strips of the ribbon of kind of push them into the ornament. I would put all three different colors in at once. I tried cutting a bunch and putting them all in together but it didn't work. So I would suggest only doing one of each color. Once you think it has enough you are done! Aren't they pretty? I personally love them and I hope my ladies up north do also. Now if I can get them mailed before Christmas....

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