Thursday, November 17, 2011

Rain, Rain, Go Away and take Winter with You!!

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It is a cold and wet day on the southeast coast of Virginia.

  It's one of those days where you want something hot to drink and a soft blanket. Instead, I have a desk and school books. It's days like these where I want to make it warm inside. Since homework (and ability) keeps me from whipping out a fresh baked apple pie, I turn to the second best thing. Stovetop potpourri! It makes the house smell warm & cozy inside.

  The ingredients you can chose from are endless, but this is my favorite way. Actually, a friend taught me this trick when I was in my teens as a way of making people think I had made an apple pie rather than picking one up at the market. =]

I like using apples, cinnamon (stick), and some ground allspice. Other things you can use are vanila, oranges (zesting the peel works great!), nutmeg, lemons, or anything else that you love. Start off by cutting up the apples. It doesn't need to be pretty or perfect, just so they're cut up!

Toss the apples and a couple of cinnamon sticks in a pot, then sprinkle allspice over the top of them. Note that you'll be boiling this for quite awhile and it could leave some stains on the pot. So, don't use your brand new set....if you have one! Usually though it will all clean off with some scrubbing.

Fill the pot with some water and bring to a boil. Once it boils, reduce the heat and just let it go!

You can let this simmer away all day if you want, just make sure to add some more water. It will make your home feel so much warmer! Then run to the market and buy an apple pie, your friends will all believe you cooked it when they come over. =]
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