Thursday, July 14, 2011

Welcome Baby Birds!!!

A while back I went out front to water our hanging basket, all of a sudden something flew out of it at my head. A dove had made it her new home, complete with a partially built nest. After lots of thought and a little debate, I decided that the two of us could share. And so I named her Daisy.
Daisy & I attempted to make an agreement about my plant. She could live there, but she would have to allow me to water it. Often the watering can would cause her to fly away, but we worked on it. The mailman did not appreciate the day that she dive bombed his head. 

Earlier this week my husband was in the front yard and discovered part of an eggshell!
I was ecstatic. Then I was worried...what if the eggs had fallen out of the nest and broken? What if this didn't mean that the babies had been born? I started stalking the nest. I would walk casually past it and trying to see through Daisy's feathers. Eventually she got sick of me and flew off. It was my chance! I held my camera high over my head and snapped pictures, holding my breath that I would see babies in them and not just an empty nest. I pressed the review button and....

There they were! Two of the most delightfully ugly baby birds I had ever seen. Daisy is officially a mom! And I'm officially a landlord. 

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