Friday, July 8, 2011

Tea Time

I believe that tea is under rated in the United States. Everyone is about coffee, but what about tea? When you can find it at a restaurant, it's most likely a package rather than loose leaf. (There is a HUGE difference in my opinion) A while back I was at a volunteer event and a few of the ladies were laughing about a new place that had opened in the area. It was a tea house. They thought it was the "silliest" thing they had ever heard of. I was excited! The moment I was out of their site I was searching google for the location of this fabulous place!

Unfortunately, it seems that I was one of the few that was over joyed by this new opening. And soon the tea house went the way of video tapes and VCRs. But I refuse to let that stop me. I continue to scour specialty stores (in person and online) searching for new teas and then forcing them upon my friends. Yes, I'm that person. With electric kettles that quickly heat water, you have no excuse not to join the movement! DRINK TEA. I like mine in a pretty cup with a little dash of honey. I can't wait to get to London this fall, where people understand my obsession. *sigh*


  1. Love this post... I am a big tea drinker... Love any kind of tea and spend alot of my time in the tea aisle at the store. I also agree that loose tea is much better then bagged tea... Being in Togo I have had the opportunity to drink their tea, it is a green tea and tastes wonderful and I am lucky enough to have a wonderful mother-in-law who picks, dries and sends me the leaves when I am out. Hope to be able to have a "virtual" cup of tea with you... Marlys

    1. Thank you Marlys!! I am jealous of the tea you get from Togo! I think it's interesting how different regions have their own types and even ways of drinking it. I'm happy because there are shops in our new town that sell tea! I'm always available for a cup of tea. :)


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