Monday, July 11, 2011

Make Day

I call Monday my make day.

First I <attempt> to make up for all the things I didn't get done over the weekend. Because I was too busy having fun! I make myself get up at 5 so I can make it into the gym. I make myself do more than snooze on a weight machine. I make a menu for the week and then make a list for the grocery. While shopping I make my self buy more than a cart full of ice cream and cookies (someday).

When I get home the real making begins. I have to make all the items that I include in my husband's lunches for the week. Did I mention that I make his lunches? It's because I'm cheap. This This Monday was a usual hectic day. I had to make zucchini bread, pasta salad, hummus, & energy bars.

I love making items for his lunches. It can get frustrating while attempting to find new ideas, but it's still fun! I really love when I surprise him with a new and fabulous idea. Well, I'd better get back in the kitchen because the oven is getting ready to yell my name!

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