Friday, December 2, 2011

Where Am I?

Our world has recently turned into one hectic stress machine. We found out the night before Thanksgiving that we are moving to Tampa...for sure, 100%. Oh, and by the way, you must be there and start work on the 12th of December. Fun activities have been put on hold, to be replaced by packing, temporary house searching, other moving activities and homework. Dinners have been getting served later and later each night, along with becoming easier. We leave here in less than a week and our house is far from packed. And I seem to have lost our floor. And counters.

I've worked on a few crochet projects, but mostly they are for gifts so I can't post information for fear that the gift receiver might see the photos and spoil the surprise. I started a fantastic red scarf in a basket weave that I was planning to use as a gift. That is until my husband began questioning who it was for and if it didn't have an owner he was willing to take it. Fantastic red scarf now belongs to equally fantastic husband. And they look fantastic together.

I did finish my new born dinosaur set for my younger brother & his wife. I'm still working on the set for older brother and his wife...even though I started it first. I'm not sure how these things happen. But it turned out precious an I was even able to find a teddy bear to model it. The cat said no.

  So, hopefully our move will proceed smoothly and we'll find a new home quickly. Until then my posts will be sparse and not very in depth! Now, back to playing with boxes...

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  1. Thank you for this (and everything else you share with us).


I love getting love! And I can't wait to hear what you have to say, bring it on!! And many thanks for taking your time to visit! :)

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