Friday, May 25, 2012

Where did May go???

Life has been slightly busier than normal around here the last few weeks. First I was getting pounded by homework, for each paper I wrote it felt like there were two more due. Then finals. Yikes. Yuck. I detest taking tests. Once all that was finished and cleared off my plate, I geared up for a flight back to visit family and introduce myself to my newest nephew.

  He only seems slightly frightened of me, which I consider a win. Considering that I'm only slightly frightened of newborns these days, which is a big change from horribly terrified. 

  The trip started with heading straight from the airport to the local zoo. I love, love, love, love (that's an extra love over normal) the zoo. I especially have a blast watching the kid's reactions to the various animals. The zebras are my all time favorite.
We rode the little train around the zoo and it was a huge hit!
Although my nephew was a little unsure of how he felt about the dark tunnels...

I love finding that I've caught a look like this on my niece's face. She's been growing up way too fast ever since she was born, it's nice to find a picture where I can still see the little girl in her. =]

  She's also the best big sister ever!!

During my visit we found colorful umbrellas and leis to entertain us in the backyard. 

And when that got old, we turned to my nephew for entertainment. I think he might dislike my photos of him when he gets older....
You might be realizing the same thing I did about this point, where is the new baby? I went to meet my new nephew, yet have the fewest photos of him. Fail!! I did try to work on his crochet skills while I was there, and found out I can crochet while holding a baby.
  A few times I tricked my other nephew into smiling for the camera!

  As always I had a fantastically perfect time with them, but now I'm attempting to recover. I'm not really sure how all you parents do need a lot! :) I kept falling asleep instead of them. Although I did make them a couple of meals and they actually ate them. They might have just been being nice. Now I am back home, where it seems extremely quiet and boring now, and working on getting back into the swing of things.


  1. Excellent! Thank you for sharing your visit with us. Have a GREAT Memorial Day weekend!

    1. Thank you Stephanie!!! I'm sure there will be fantastic food around your house this weekend!! I hope it's a wonderful time. :) ~Skye

  2. Awww the kids are so cute and look like so much fun!

    1. Thank you!! I kind of think that they're fantastic! We had a blast. :)


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