Monday, March 19, 2012

Using Crates for Shelves

  This is a simple, quick, and cheap project that anyone can do in an afternoon. Most of us can always use an extra shelf or two and this is an inexpensive way to get some. Depending on how you hang the crate, you will either have a solid bottom shelf or one with slats, such as in my photo above. If you need a flat bottom, you can always add a piece of wood, plastic, or anything else you can find. :)

  Okay, to get this project started! You will need a crate of your choice. My local Michaels Crafts sells full size crates (approx $13 I believe), 1/2 size crates (around $7 ish), and 1/4 size crates like the one above ($5?). I can't remember the exact prices, so I could be off by a dollar or two! Don't forget to bring your 40% coupon with you to make them even cheaper!

  When you purchase them, the crates are unfinished so you'll need something to make them beautiful.....unless you like this look of course. I personally used spray paint for this round because I wanted them to match my freshly painted photo frames. Simply take the crates outside and spray them down...easy! 

  It took me three coats of a quick drying spray paint to get them how I wanted them. Also, since I'm hanging mine I did not paint the "bottom"of the crate (which goes against the wall). 

  Now all you have to do is simply screw them into the wall. I just run the screws through the crate and straight into the wall. 

  If you don't want to use spray paint you have other options. If you want them to have a more "wood" look, then I would suggest staining them. My local craft store sells stains directly next to the crates and other unfinished wood projects. You can also use wall paint. If you do though, I would suggest watering the paint down some so that it isn't so thick. This way it'll go on easier and turn out much nicer!

  There are so many things that you can do with these crates. You can put multiple of them together on the wall to create a larger shelving area. Or screw a bunch of them together and create a bookshelf. They don't have to be shelves either, you can decorate them and use them for anything that you want. I love their versatility. And their price too!

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