Monday, September 19, 2011

Real World

Well, it is time to dust off my blog and get back to the real world. Which I've been avoiding for quite awhile now. College started back up and my nose went straight into a book. Mainly because I had to cover three weeks of homework in one....since I was going to Europe for two weeks! So my world became a world of homework and then a world of bliss across the ocean. Now we're back, homework is caught back up and I have run out of excuses for not having freshly baked bread or homemade granola.

Europe though was fabulous!!! We ate fish & chips in a London pub, Wiener schnitzel at an amazing restaurant in Germany on the Rhine River, and crepes at in outdoor cafe underneath the Strasbourg Cathedral. Amazing trip and we did not want to return home! But, alas, we had to and so here I am. Now, to get myself back into the kitchen and work on finishing up some of my craft projects!

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  1. Your pictures are always so pretty!! You need to have your husband get you a good camera. ;)


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